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Customer Feedback

Max Gut-Health is beneficial for all horses! As a probiotic it promotes good gut health in all equines. We have customers using Max Gut-Health across a range of different disciplines with horses of all shapes and sizes. Read on for their feedback and experiences using Max Gut-Health.


International rider Denis Lynch uses Max Gut-Health for his whole team to support them through the constant changes and intensity of competitions and global travel keeping them happy and healthy.

“MGH for us is the best product on the market. All of our horses are looking perfect, their coats are shiny and they’re feeling awesome. MGH is also super effective working on youngstock as well. My horses competition results have been going up since I started this supplement!“

– Alexander Housen 


“Cosmos has been on Max Gut Health since feb 2020 and it’s the best he’s felt in the 9 years that I’ve owned him. Fleur has been on the product after having a compromised gut, now she is flourishing. This is a product that I wholeheartedly believe in, having trialled it on my horses for 10 months.”
- Jade Hatfield
“I started feeding Max Gut-Health a few months ago when I saw how amazing my friend’s horses looked while using it. My horse is thriving, he’s relaxed, coat is so shiny, and his attitude to work is great.”
- Jess parsons


“I now have my whole team of event horses on Max Gut-Health because I was so pleased with how well my young horse was getting on with it. All of my horses are looking amazing with great muscle tone, stride length and coat condition and they are all so happy and relaxed in themselves. I’ve never had a product work so well and it’s a product that I genuinely believe in and will recommend to everyone!”.
- Pippa Dixon


“Wanted to say a massive Thank You for this product, my horse has never looked or performed better.”
- Ella Dunn


Derk Jan Mekkes has been using Max Gut-Health for 6 weeks and got in contact to say how amazed he is with his horse since using the MG-H and how happy he is with the product.


“Max Gut-Health keeps my three ponies looking and feeling amazing. Their coats are so shiny! We wouldn’t be without it and even took it with us to camp.”
- Olivia Kirkham


“My Quarter Horse is on Max Gut-Health following a recommendation last winter. This is his recent winning haul (blue in QH world is first place): Trophy from recent AQHA Western Show, Supreme Trophy and Sashes at Halter x4, Hunter under saddle x2, good scores in ranch, trail (obstacle course) and a Hi-point trophy for open level 1 all-round! He has never been better!”
- Frances Neil